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Dear friends,

Yes!! More than 1.2 million people have backed our campaign urging Japan to shut down its ivory market. That's more than four times the number of elephants slaughtered to fuel Japan's bloody trade.

And now we have a MASSIVE opportunity to say: Not a single one more!

In days, Japanese politicians will attend the world's biggest wildlife summit, where 32 African countries will call on them to ban ivory. But insiders say Japan needs pressure from all over the world to end the trade.

This is where we come in! Let’s flood Japan’s key ministers and Tokyo’s governor with thousands of messages on social media ahead of the Summit, to show them that people everywhere want Japan to shut down its ivory trade before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! 


With hope and determination to protect these majestic creatures,

Sarah, Spyro, Rosa, Chris, Bert and the rest of the Avaaz team.

More information:

African Elephant Coalition (AEC): Japan your ivory market (Conservation Action Trust)

Japan wants to attract more European travelers (Deutsche Welle)

One Year Out from 2020 Tokyo Games, NGOs Appeal to Tokyo Governor to End Ivory Trade (Bloomberg)

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