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Avaaz just uncovered a massive scandal: While our world is burning, YouTube is promoting fake news about global warming to millions of people! Our report is making headlines, but YouTube won’t act unless they see their public brand at real risk and advertisers starting to back off. That’s where we come in! Let’s flood them and their advertisers with our report findings, surround their headquarters with mobile billboards, and follow their employees everywhere they go -- until they stop promoting lies to millions! 
Dear friends, 

Avaaz has just uncovered a massive scandal: While our world is burning like never before, YouTube is actively promoting fake news about global warming to millionsof people!

And it gets worse: They're making money with it...

We just released our report and YouTube is getting under pressure in the media. But they won’t act unless they see their public brand at risk and advertisers starting to back off.

That’s where we come in!

Let’s flood YouTube and its main advertisers with our report findings, then surround YouTube’s headquarters with mobile billboards, engage their employees and keep up the pressure until they stop promoting lies to millions! 

YouTube: STOP promoting lies 

When searching for “global warming” and “climate change” Avaaz researchers found that the YouTube algorithm was throwing up misinformation videos, that racked up millions of views. The videos claimed scientists are liars, climate change “isn't real” and global warming is a “hoax”!

The Guardian, TIME and influential media outlets across the world have reported about our findings - and insiders tell us that YouTube’s executives are feeling the heat from the massive media wave.

But if we let go now, the media wave will die down and things could go back to normal. We can’t allow that to happen, in a time when the climate crisis is worsening and we need a fact-based global discussion to find the solutions that save us all.

So let’s up the ante, by showing YouTube that millions want them to act - and get both major advertisors as well as the companies employees on board to make them change course. Sign now, then read our report and share it with all your friends: 

YouTube: STOP promoting lies 

This movement is made of millions of people who believe and fight for a better planet. With social media spreading lies about climate change to millions of people every day, we risk losing this battle. But our community won’t be a bystander. Let’s unite because to protect everything we love, we need everyone.

With respect and gratitude,

Flora, Alaphia, Fadi, Nate, Meetali, Anneke and the rest of the Avaaz team

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