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Hey there,

Did you know that French is sometimes just like computer programming?

Hack into your French skills by mastering if-then si clauses and get one step closer to fluency!

Want to put your French skills to the test? Check out the top French level tests for students, teachers, translators and Visa seekers.

Hope you enjoy,

Your FluentU Team
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FluentU Tip of the Week

As you're enjoying FluentU videos, you can access instant definitions for any words appearing in the captions.

Simply hover over words to see their meanings, along with memorable images, for quick, in-context language learning.

French Learner Memorable Images
What Language Learners Are Saying About FluentU
Philip Testimonial
FluentU is so fun and user friendly. Everything is available to you in one place; the videos, photos, audios, the meaning of the words, pronunciation. You do not need to refer to the dictionary and stop the video every couple of seconds. The only thing you have to do is listen, watch and enjoy.

Omid, FluentU user
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The Top French Level Tests for Students, Teachers, Translators and Visa Seekers 

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