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Project of the Week: Casa A by REM'A

Cloaked in diagonal timber slats, Casa A is reminiscent of a large bird's nest, surrounding and protecting the private areas of the home. 

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"The Shadow Garden" of World Horticulture Expo in Yangzhou by OfficeOffCourse

Built for the 2021 World Horticulture Expo, three bar-like buildings are divided by a fluid, continuous wall, which follows the contour of the existing landscape. 

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Hoehyeon Community by Yong Ju Lee Architecture

Originally built in 1935, the renovated Hoehyeon Community celebrates the exposed wooden ceiling of the historic structure, while also opening up the interior space.

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Archdays Pavillion Egaligilo by Broissin Architects

Through a series of overlapping skins and carefully designed atmospheric conditions, Broissin Architects have created a microclimate that allows a small forest to thrive. 

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Shiro house by Takeru Shoji Architects.Co.,Ltd.

Located in a dense area, the architects designed a compact house in which the family could enjoy the nearby cherry blossom trees from the comfort of their home.

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