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Happy almost New Year!

Hope you're ending this decade exactly the way you want to, so you can feel refreshed and ready for 2020! My version of this is cleaning up the house and catching up on some reading. Pretty boring tbh, but it's exactly what I need :)

🤪  Joke of the day: Why does the dignified primitive hate the day after Christmas?

🎉Congrats to... ðŸŽ‰
  • Bruno for starting Rust and getting a lot of love on their recent post 🙌
  • Jennifer for sharing what they learned 💕
  • Akash for learning about Blockchain and reading the whitepaper 🤓
📚 Top 7 Posts From Last Week 📚

1. CORS, XSS and CSRF with examples in 10 minutes: common web attacks and methods to prevent them.

2. How I built 100 Projects in 100 Days: the why and how to taking on such a big challenge.

3. The beauty of Functional Programming: an outline of functional programming benefits.

4. How Blazor Is Going to Change Web Development: an overview of Blazor, a framework from Microsoft.

5. Keeping your code clean by sweeping out "if" statements: an example about "if" statements that led to a big community discussion.

6. The Dream of C# 9.0: exciting aspects of the C# 9 proposal.

7. 5 things in web development I learned this year: a few tips and tricks you might not know about.

And an article from our sponsor DigitalOcean:

8. How to Code in Go: a series of tutorials to help you learn how to code in Go.

🗓 IRL.DEV ðŸ—“

These are community-run DEV meetups. If you don't see your city listed here, consider becoming an organizer :)🗣 Discuss ðŸ—£Happy Coding!

P.S. — You’ll notice some logos below. These belong to our wonderful developer-focused sponsors: DigitalOcean â€” A cloud platform that hits on both simplicity and scalability, CloudBees Rollout â€” A powerful code release toolset that brings feature flags, analytics, and testing to the process, and Pusher â€” Providing robust APIs for app developers building scalable realtime communication features. You should check them all out!
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