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Hey hey!

I knew there was a "jokes" section on DEV but I never paid much attention to it. I started browsing through today and found myself chuckling a lot, so I think I'll start sharing them occasionally in this newsletter. Or all the time, depending on how many comedians there are on site! This first one is an oldie, but easily a classic: You might think a pirate's favorite programming language is R... ðŸ™‚

🎉Congrats to...🎉
  • Victor, a new bootcamp grad, for getting their first job offer 👏
  • Ankit for sticking to their values instead of working for a questionable company 💪
  • Victoria for prioritizing their mental and physical health 💯
📚 Top 7 Posts From Last Week 📚

1. Why Not Having a CS Degree is Awesome: a supportive and inspirational post for anyone without a CS degree that codes, or is thinking about coding.

2. My first impressions of Rust: an experienced programmer shares their likes and dislikes towards Rust.

3. 27 Programming Youtube channels you should know: a master list for those who like learnings through videos.

4. JavaScript - The prototype chain in depth: how objects connect to other objects, and how to implement inheritance and relationships between objects.

5. Restructure with ease thanks to Typescript path mappings: how to update import paths when restructuring Typescript projects.

6. 18 DevTools for productivity 🚀: a list of tools that make life easier. 

7. Coding Out of a Van in New Zealand: how to stay connected and work on the road.

And an article from our sponsor TripleByte:

8. We built Triplebyte for machine learning engineers - here's what we learned: what you need to know if you're in the market for a machine learning job.

🗓 IRL.DEV ðŸ—“

These are community-run DEV meetups. If you don't see your city listed here, consider becoming an organizer :)💬 Discuss ðŸ’¬Happy Coding!

P.S. — You’ll notice some logos below. These belong to our wonderful developer-focused sponsors: DigitalOcean â€” A cloud platform that hits on both simplicity and scalability, CloudBees Rollout â€” A powerful code release toolset that brings feature flags, analytics, and testing to the process, and Triplebyte â€” A hiring platform where you do one coding quiz to receive multiple job offers from top tech companies. You should check them all out!. You should check them all out!
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