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> const newsletter = async () => {
> await intro()
Hi Iuri,
Welcome back to this week's edition of the newsletter! We'll be covering:
  • Halloween Challenge 👻
  • App of the Week
  • We have a blog!
  • A whole lot of tutorials
  • Puzzle and goodbye
Oh, and if you're curious, the language used in this newsletter is JavaScript...
> console.log("Halloween Challenge")
Halloween Challenge 👻 image
At a time when people might be spooked out by haunted houses and spoopy spiders, we suprised you guys with our halloween challenge! No tricks here, just a 3 months hacker plan treat! Thanks to everyone who submitted their fantastic repls, they all embraced the true spirit of halloween. The winner was @MatthewDoan1and their spoopy website! Thank you to everyone that pasticipated, and keep an eye out for future events!
> await appOfTheWeek("discord bot")
App of the week image
App of the Week is back! Each week we find awesome things people are working on the community, and interview them! This week we have an app directly from the discord server! @AllAwesome497 spent countless hours working on a discord bot to help moderators manage their servers, and it's very impressive! You can read more about it and the see the source here.
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