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I hope you've had a great weekend.

Protecting your trading capital is one of the keys to successful Forex trading.

You've worked hard to raise the capital, you've opened your trading account so now look after it. 

Don't waste your capital by taking silly trades, don't gamble your account, don't revenge trade.

You must treat your trading as a business. Trade with low risk per trade, trade by selecting high probability, high reward:risk trades.

As you know, most traders lose their capital.

Here at The Forex Trading Coach, our mission is to help as many trader as we can and we want to turn those stats around and help get more traders profitable. 

Have a look at this week's trading video to find out more:

Watch Now: Video #343 "How to Protect Your Capital"

(or if you prefer watching on YouTube click here)

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If there is anything you'd like me to discuss on further videos and podcast, just reply to this email letting me know.




Andrew Mitchem - The Forex Trading Coach

Proud to be 5 Star Rated on Forex Peace Army after 10+ years of helping traders worldwide.

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