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Hi Friend,

It's the beginning of the week -- and I have some great information for you as always. We kick off the week with the Vantagepoint AI Market Outlook.


Here's the Advantage of AI

The Vantagepoint AI Market Outlook is a free weekly update for traders. Vantagepoint's patented Intermarket Analysis helps reveal hidden patterns in the market using artificial intelligence. Those patterns are derived from hundreds of thousands of data points that humans are not capable of analyzing in a timely manner. If you want to benefit from the vast input of data, artificial intelligence is your most powerful too.

Above all, Vantagepoint signals traders so they know when to enter and exit trades for maximum profit. Let’s look at what the artificial intelligence has to say about the market.


You can see market movements up to 3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.

This Week's Summary

The overall message this week is Diversification!

In this week's video, we analyze how tunnel vision on Gold will leave you out of an easy payday with Futures such as Live Cattle.

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Want us to look at a specific stock or trade? Email me what you want to see. Your stock may even be featured in an upcoming outlook! 

Reply to this email and let me know what stock is on your mind.

All my best,


Lane Mendelsohn, President 
Vantagepoint AI

1-800-732-5407 U.S. & Canada 1-813-973-0496


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