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Confused by the format or just about anything to do with surfing in the Olympics? We've got you covered, plus; the rise of the mid-length and a tour of one of the UK's deepest locales.
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The Great Big Guide to Surfing in the Olympics
Meet the competitors, the venue, understand the format, get confused by the format, relearn the format -- it's all here!
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The Rise (and Rise!) of the Humble Mid-Length
Do you partake? There's more going on under the hood here than you think.
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The Question Everyone's Asking: Will There Be Waves in the Olympics?
There's a Typhoon-a-brewing!
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WATCH: End of the Land, Loggable Beachies And a Love of Home Starring Mike Lay
A Surfdome x Reef vid that'll transport you to the deepest parts of the UK's south west.
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