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Hi Iuri

"The grass is always greener." I'm sure you are familiar with the phrase. It means that the things a person doesn't have always seem sweeter than the things they do have. Or at least something along those lines.

It's a saying that applies to almost all aspects of life. And about 6 months ago, we decided that the grass can, heck NEEDS, to be greener when we discussed more sustainable ways to travel at one of our all hands-on meetings.

Why we're telling you this? 

Because that day, we've learned a valuable lesson. See, we thought we're doing pretty well. After all, we do rock the refillable bottles around the office, recycle our garbage and sip coffees out of biodegradable cups. But in reality, we weren't doing all that well. We weren't doing much, to be honest - and something needed to change. 

If you read this far, you're probably like us. You love traveling, and your nomadic urges lead you to constantly scout the net for inspiration for your next surf or snow trip. Traveling is fun. Traveling is an adventure. But what they don't tell you is that tourism is also responsible for one-tenth of the world's carbon emissions.

Hit with the truth, we used the last 6 months to plan, create and implement measures that encourage more sustainable ways to travel. Partnerships to offset our ecological footprint and dedicating a whole page to sustainable travels are only the beginning.

We can do better, and we invite you to join us to do better too.


Sunny Fassler
Head of Content & Editorial
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