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Distance learning during COVID-19

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday!

As the pandemic rages on, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) continues to lead the way to an equitable and green recovery. This unique, terrible crisis poses hard choices to be made ahead, but also gems of opportunity.

UNDP is not only working to transform the lives of those who, even before the pandemic, were out of school, out of work, offline, and off the grid, but also to take a  quantum leap forward.

  • UNDP is working to reform fossil fuel subsidies.

  • UNDP is focusing on the status and role of women, who have suffered job losses, increased violence and a greater burden of unpaid care, by offering temporary basic income that will grant greater freedom, choice and power.

  • UNDP is working to change the course of human development, which has digressed for the first time in 30 years, and we recognize as deeply and irrevocably tied to the health of the Earth.

We’ll need your help to scale our efforts in order to create a safe, equitable and greener world. Your Giving Tuesday donation will support the achievement of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

Please, donate on Giving Tuesday. Help us reach 2030 supporters by the end of 2020. Your response makes all the difference.


United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme
1 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

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{Live-stream on the Amazon with Dr. Mark Plotkin - Tuesday}

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Dear Friends, 

Please join us tomorrow for our  live-streamed virtual event for the launch of my latest book "The Amazon: What Everyone Needs to Know," as well as the launch of my new podcast, "The Plants of the Gods: Hallucinogens, Healing, Culture and Conservation." 

Sign on tomorrow from 6pm to 7:30pm EST, Tuesday, December 1st. 

View the live-stream here

The book launch will feature special guest Tico Torres, Amazon Conservation Team Board Member and drummer and songwriter for the band Bon Jovi, along with myself.

Thank you for your continued support of ACT!

Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and President

4211 North Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: (703) 522-4684
ACT Facebook
ACT Twitter
ACT Website
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{Black Friday Sale : Final reminder + A spark of inspiration}


Our Black Friday Sale (30% off ) + additional 5% discount with coupon code BF5 for subscribers ends in just a few hours. This is our final reminder. 


At 11:59 PM on Nov 30, Pacific Time, sale will end. That's the final deadline. Sorry, no exception. This is a once in a year sale - use it or lose it!

Quick summary

Buy at : https://opencv.org/courses 
Coupon code : BF5 
Tip: The Complete Bundle  (Bundle 4)  is the collection of all courses and provides the most bang for the buck. If it does not fit your budget, get the Computer Vision and Deep Learning Starter (Bundle 2).

OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) 
Buy at : https://store.opencv.ai/ 
Coupon code : BF5
Tip : The OpenCV AI Kit with Depth (OAK-D) is a smart camera capable of real time neural inference + depth estimation. It provides the best value!

Switching into an AI Career

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire!

A few years back Santhosh, a reader of LearnOpenCV, sent me a thank you note. He had successfully made a career switch from a programming job into AI applied to autonomous driving!

Later he wrote a post on our blog detailing his journey. He was stuck in a job where he was not growing his skills. He wasted his nearly 5 hours of bus commute every day watching YouTube videos. He had resigned to a life of stagnation and was hating it.

He had one interesting hobby. Every now and then, he read our free blog posts, downloaded the code, and tried it out for himself. Those were his baby steps in the field of AI.

At some point he needed more structured learning and wanted to buy our paid course. The price, though, when converted from US dollars to Indian rupees was too high! He struggled with indecision for a while. Finally, he saw it as an investment in his future. He bought the course, and worked on it during his 5 hour long commute every day.

Here is is story


A few months after completing the course, and winning a computer vision competition we used to organize in that course, he landed a AI job in Germany working in the field of autonomous driving.

His hard work and determination paid off it a big way. We simply provided the spark to ignite his hidden potential.

Want to take your first steps in AI? Our courses provide the best material for beginners that gradually scales to expert level.


Two Inspirational Apps

Here is a superficial (and boring) description of OpenCV AI Kit with Depth (OAK-D). It is an edge AI device powered by Intel's Myriad X chip capable of 4 Trillion Operations per Second (4 TOPS). It is equipped with a 4K (60 fps) RGB camera for neural inference with hardware support for H.265 encoding. It also comes with a 120 fps stereo camera with synchronized global shutter capable of real time depth estimation.

All that jargon tells you nothing about the creativity such a device unlocks in fellow engineers. So, let me share two cool applications people have built using OAK-D as part of OpenCV Spatial AI competition.

  1. Universal hand/gesture control
  2. Visual assistance device for the blind

A burning desire to build something great comes with a spark of inspiration. If you are inspired, here's the perfect spatial AI device for you.


    Thank You!

    The sale of OpenCV courses and cameras support the development of the free OpenCV library, produce free tutorials on this blog every week, and organize AI competitions.

    We thank you for your support!


    Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter /  Instagram

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    {What's Next? See how UNDP is boldly re-imagining life in a post-pandemic world}

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    UNDP 360. Monthly highlights. From every angle.

    Top picks

    What’s Next? Boldly re-imagining life in a post-pandemic world

    What’s Next? Boldly re-imagining life in a post-pandemic world

    The economic and societal disruption caused by COVID-19 is worsening. We can no longer play by the old rules, and there are hard choices ahead. But also opportunities. We must commit to a recovery that is equitable and green for all. See how our response looks beyond recovery towards 2030 to ensure that no one is left behind.
    Future of Development
    Future of Development 
    Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics and Philosophy Amartya Sen joined UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner for our first dialogue on the Future of Development. Their discussion focused on the concept of human development as we mark the 30th Anniversary of the Human Development Report. 

    Experts write

    How cities can fight food loss and waste
    How cities can fight food loss and waste
    The strength of our food supply chains is yet again being put to the test as we enter the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our climate experts explore how cities can lead the way to build back greener.
    Chile celebrates a gender equality milestone
    Chile celebrates a gender equality milestone
    UNDP Chile Resident Representative Claudia Mojica spotlights Chile’s historical election, making it the first country in the world with a constitution to be drafted by an equal number of women and men.
    A knowledge partnership to help us build forward better
    A knowledge partnership to help us build forward better
    As the world is faces a common threat, we are coming together to find a common solution. UNDP Associate Administrator and Regional Bureau for Arab States Director Mourad Wahba reflects on our knowledge partnerships to build forward better from COVID-19.

    In the news

    Two policies to drive our recovery from COVID-19

    Two policies to drive our recovery from COVID-19 
    Mandeep Dhaliwal, Director of HIV, Health and Development at UNDP, explains in a World Economic Forum blog why we need both a Temporary Basic Income and universal healthcare to recover from COVID-19. 

    UNDP and Samsung launch Generation17
    The Korea Times spotlights Generation17, an initiative launched in partnership with Samsung, to magnify the voices, stories, and ingenuity of young leaders helping to achieve the Global Goals.

    Aligning global finance with sustainable development
    UNDP’s Finance Sector Hub Director Marco Neto welcomed the pledge by banks to align their lending and resources with the Paris Agreement at the Finance in Common Summit in an article by The Guardian.

    Take action

    UNDP Giving Tuesday

    UNDP is focusing on a COVID-19 recovery that is both equitable and green. A global response now is an investment in our future. Join us tomorrow, 1 December, for 09:08 PM, 30 Nov 2020 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

    CS Logo 
    PCI Compliance Controls

    We see it more often than you may think. As a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, we find that nearly every company network contains PCI gaps requiring some level of remediation.
    So, what happened for these companies? Often PCI security controls were in place, they just weren’t being monitored, maintained or measured. And then compliance became non-compliance.

    To be effective, PCI security controls require ongoing attention. But don’t let this thought overwhelm you! Get your copy of ControlScan’s free control-tracking worksheet to discover the specific areas that require your attention.





    11475 Great Oaks Way Suite 300
    Alpharetta, GA 30022 | 800-825-3301


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    November 30, 2020
    ambient Audio pronunciation
    adjective | AM-bee-unt
    existing or present on all sides : encompassing 
    of electronic music : quiet and relaxing with melodies that repeat many times
    Scroll down for more about ambient
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    Hey there,

    Quick update, so far we've already collected more than $3,800 for the Python Software Foundation (PSF) with our Black Friday sale and donation drive:


    If you're wondering what this is all about—we're currently offering a limited time discount on Real Python memberships:

    When you sign up for a yearly Real Python membership before this deal expires tomorrow, you'll get a 16% discount and we'll donate 20% of the net receipt to the PSF.

    This means your contribution directly supports the development of CPython, the official Python documentation, Pip + PyPI, and other important Python open-source projects ðŸ™Œ

    Plus, you unlock 1,600+ Python video lessons & tutorials with code examples, downloadable sample projects, interactive quizzes, and more.

    We'll also invite you to the members-only Slack group and weekly "Office Hours" Q&A calls hosted by the experts from the RP Team.

    With this online community of Pythonistas you'll make friends in no time and improving your Python skills becomes twice as much fun!

    The only downside is that this offer *expires on Monday, Nov 30 at 11:59pm PT*:

    Claim Your Black Friday Discount & Support the PSF >>

    — Dan Bader

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    {Hinterland - plus, s "Try And" a Proper Use?}

    November 29, 2020
    hinterland Audio pronunciation
    noun | HIN-ter-land
    a region lying inland from a coast 
    a region remote from cities 
    a region lying beyond major metropolitan or cultural centers
    Scroll down for more about hinterland
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    This Week's Present Moment Reminder
    Faith is trust. Faith is a deep sense of connectedness with Being.
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