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Disabling directory listing

By default, our web server will display a list of files in a directory if there is no index.html, index.cgi or other index file present. Some users feel this gives out too much information about the contents of their web sites. To turn this option off, create a file in your .www directory called .htaccess (if one doesn't already exist). Add the following line to .htaccess:

Options -Indexes

Be sure that your .htaccess file is world-readable. To do this, run the following command from your home directory:

chmod a+r .www/.htaccess

Apache Access Control

Our users often ask how to restrict access to a personal webpage to only certain, approved visitors. This section describes the simplest way of accomplishing this goal: creating a .htaccess file in your home directory that tells the web server to only allow access to people to whom you've given a username and password. These instructions assume you have already created your home page as described in Creating Your Homepage.

You can restrict access to a directory tree by creating a .htaccess file within the root of the tree. Below is a sample .htaccess file. To create your own, cut and paste this text into a file called .htaccess in your .www directory. For example, with pico, you would type:

% pico ~/.www/.htaccess

Then cut and paste the following text into the pico editor and exit pico:

AuthUserFile /home/xyz/username/.www/.htpasswd
AuthType Basic
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName "Site Authentication"
ShibDisable On

<Limit GET POST>
Require valid-user

The "require valid-user" will require any user accessing this directory to enter a username and password. These username/password pairs are stored in a separate file specified by the "AuthUserFile" directive. Generally this file is called .htpasswd. Make sure that the /home/xyz/username/.www/.htpasswd above is replaced with the full UNIX path to the .htpasswd file you create.

The .htpasswd file can be created with the htpasswd command. To use the htpasswd program, use the following command:

htpasswd --userid testuser

This program will create a username and encrypted password pair that will be added to the .htpasswd file you defined in the AuthUserFile directive of your .htaccess file.

If you can not find a machine with htpasswd installed, you can use the CS&E Password Hash Generator. This will create the username and password pair that you can then copy and paste into your .htpasswd file.

Please note, the authentication method used here sends passwords as plain, unencrypted text. You should not use your CS&E or CSE Labs password in the .htpasswd file. Choose a different password and be aware that there is some chance of your password being intercepted by malicious hackers.

You can add as many usernames and passwords to the .htpasswd file as you like using this method. When a user tries to access the directory containing the .htaccess file, they will be prompted to enter a username and password. Only once they enter a valid username and password will access to the site be granted.

The web server runs as user "www", an unprivileged user, just like you, so you must make sure the file permissions are set such that any normal user can read the .htaccess and .htpasswd files. The passwords are encrypted, so this isn't a problem if you choose good passwords. Also make sure the permissions on the directory are at least world executable. If you aren't sure about the above, do the following. (This assumes that your .htpasswd file is in the same directory as your .htaccess file.)

% cd ~/.www
% chmod 701 .
% chmod 644 .htaccess
% chmod 644 .htpasswd

This document covers only the most rudimentary aspects of authentication and access control. Full information is available from the Apache Tutorial for .htaccess files or Apache's Authentication documentation.

Note: If you want to restrict access to a subdirectory, place the .htaccess file in that subdirectory rather than the document root. Consult apache documentation at for more information.  

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A run down of who is getting covered up in 2019, chasing waves for one day in Uruguay, 10-years of Irish hellman Shambles and Teahupoo goes ballistic.
Visit magicseaweed
The World's Most Barrelled Surfers -- Class of 2019
A run down of the most slotted humans of the year so far.
MSW Picks
Chasing Waves From Sunrise to Sunset in Uruguay
Sometimes, 24 hours is enough.
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image (1).jpeg
10 Years of Shambles: Heaviest Death Slabs, Near Drowning and the Best Ireland has to Offer
A number of hellish slabs and much, much more.
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image (2).jpeg
XXL Teahupoo: Biggest Swell of the Season so Far
Trials called off due to horrendous conditions but it didn't stop this lot paddling out and strapping up.
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Última oportunidade para 50% de desconto!
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Court: Munich, HRB 205346, VAT-ID: DE289794913
Managing Director: Daniel Sobhani

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{Margaret Atwood and Aaron Sorkin on writing compelling characters}

How do you approach writing a villain? What about a character who’s just plain unlikeable?

Margaret Atwood and Aaron Sorkin each have their own way of connecting to difficult characters. Whose approach resonates most with you?
“I have to have something in common with the characters that I’m writing”
“A character can be very vibrant and alive, although not likable"
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This Week's Present Moment Reminder
Present Moment Reminder

Are you interested in the topic of conscious manifestation and how we create from the depths of Being?
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Introducing the Zero Waste Collection
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{We Have a Discount Code for You! Save $150 on POST/CON.}


Today Only - Get $150 Off Your POST/CON Ticket with Code: 


Today is the last chance to get discounted tickets to Postman’s User Conference packed with deeply technical content, authorities in the API industry, and talks on emerging API concepts and practices. 

Get  $150 off your ticket  until 11:59 PM PST today, August 21st! 

Here's what to expect at POST/CON: 

September 11th: Postman Workshop

The Postman Workshop features two tracks that will be presented by Postman engineers and experts: 

  • The Postman Fundamentals Workshop will guide you through creating collections, exploring API requests and functions, and testing and monitoring APIs in Postman. 
  • The Design, Develop, and Mock APIs Workshop will discuss mental models for API design and how to use Postman’s features to efficiently design and develop effective APIs.
  • The Postman Expert Workshop  will build your skillset so you walk out an advanced understanding of how to use Postman’s feature set to design and collaborate on API development.
  • The Automated Testing and Reporting Workshop will walk you through how to streamline development and QA with automated testing and reporting with Postman and Postman’s command-line tool, Newman.

September 12th: Postman Conference

The POST/CON conference will have four tracks and cover advanced Postman use-cases and thought leadership in API testing and automation, API design and architecture, developer experience, and DevOps. Here's a peek at a few of our POST/CON speakers:

  • Bear Douglas, Director of Developer Relations at Slack
  • Jeff Gibson, Data Engineering Manager at Atlassian
  • Felipe Freire, Coding Tester at adidas
  • Stève Sfartz, API Architect at Cisco DevNet
  • Daniele Bernardi, Senior Partner Engineer at Twitter
  • Yonas Beshawred, Founder & CEO at StackShare
  • Upkar Lidder, Developer Advocate at IBM
  • Gregory Koberger, Founder at ReadMe
  • Matt Cole, Senior Integration Engineer at PayPal

 See our detailed agenda.

Still wondering what POST/CON is all about? We put together a summary of what attendees will get out of POST/CON

Save $150 on POST/CON Tickets

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Postman Monthly Newsletter: August 2019

POST/CON is Coming to SF September 11-12

At POST/CON, you'll learn how industry experts from leading organizations use Postman throughout development. Our workshops and speakers will give you insight on how to improve and simplify your development process using collaboration, automation, and emerging technologies across your organization.

The Postman Workshop features two tracks that will be presented by Postman engineers and experts:

  • The Postman Fundamentals Workshop
  • The Design, Develop, and Mock APIs Workshop
  • The Postman Expert Workshop
  • The Automated Testing and Reporting Workshop

The Postman User Conference includes talks from speakers like Bear Douglas, Director of Developer Relations at Slack, Jeff Gibson, Data Engineering Manager at Atlassian, Stève Sfartz, API Architect at Cisco DevNet, and Daniele Bernardi, Senior Partner Engineer at Twitter. Talks will address topics on:

  • Testing and Automation
  • API Design and Architecture
  • Developer Experience
  • DevOps
  • Collaboration
  • Innovations in API Development 

Register for POST/CON 2019 to level up your API skill set!


Postman Quarterly Release Review

Postman is constantly releasing improvements, bug fixes, and new features. To help you keep track of our releases, we're providing quarterly release reports! We think the features we released in Q2 of 2019 will make your lives easier and help improve flexibility in your API development strategy. 

Read the blog to learn more about the following releases: 
  • Extended Schema Support 
  • Versioning and Version Tags
  • GraphQL Support
  • Interceptor for Cookie Syncing
  • Custom Webhooks

The Postman Technical Blog

Elevate Your Automation Game by Using Git Hooks
Matt Ball, Postman Solutions Engineer, provides a handy workaround in this article on Postman's Better Practices blog. Learn how to automatically consume APIs and perform behind-the-scenes actions with common Git commands. 

Building Resilient APIs with Chaos Engineering
Being proactive with identifying failures in dependencies can help you produce more resilient APIs. In this article by Joyce Lin, Developer Advocate at Postman, you'll learn how your Kubernetes clusters respond to failure using Gremlin and Grafana. 

What Will You Learn at POST/CON 2019?

Are you attending POST/CON 2019 or thinking about joining Postman for our biggest event ever? This year, we're featuring twice as many speakers, more specialized topics, and more technical, advanced, and innovative content. 

Learn what you'll get out of each track at POST/CON including: 

  • Collaborating on API Design, Development, and Testing
  • Testing APIs and Automate API Testing
  • Designing and Architecting APIs
  • Enhancing Developer Experiences
  • Discovering Trends in DevOps

Buy tickets for POST/CON, learn more,  or view the detailed agenda.


Community How-To’s, Blogs, and Tutorials

Learn how to build an API using Firebase, Express, and Postman. Get started in seconds by importing the Postman Collection from Andrew Evans, Senior Software Engineer at Capital One. 

In part two of the SpringBoot tutorial series from Ragunath Rajasek, Full Stack Developer, you'll learn how to scaffold using and validate using Postman. 

Learn how to convert your Symfony project to Kubernetes and create an end-to-end test with Postman and Newman. 

Uploading external JSON files into Postman can simplify API testing by creating a source of truth that can be shared across teams and enterprises. 

Create and test Zoom chatbots with Postman. Learn how in this article by Tommy Gaessler, Developer Advocate at Zoom.

Discover how to automatically renew your OAuth access tokens in Postman in this article by Allen Helton, Lead Software Engineer at TylerTech.

In this article by David Inyang-Etoh, Lead Web Developer at Start Innovation Hub, you'll learn how to build an API with Node, Express, and MongoDB.

Demo or develop the Moltin API with Postman (and you can quickly import the Moltin Commerce Collections with one click).

Learn how you can use Newman and Postman to integrate with your continuous integration system in this article from Apium Hub. 

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{Zika breakthrough, next-gen immunotherapy & novel cannabinoid research: Life Sciences Newswire - August 2019}

Your latest product and application news from SelectScience®.
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SelectScience -
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August 2019 Life Sciences Newswire
Welcome to your SelectScience® Life Sciences newswire, kindly sponsored by Bio-Rad. Download this month’s trending eBook on long-term 3D cell culture; read about the next-generation immunotherapy method offering hope of more effective treatments; plus, hear a cannabinoid expert describe her first-of-its-kind study on CBD vs CBN.
Best wishes,
Frankie MacDonald
                                                          MacDonald   Forward to a Friend   LinkedIn   Facebook   twitter

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{A Guide to Creating Location Pages that Rank Well}

A Guide to Creating Location Pages that Rank Well

A Guide to Creating Location Pages that Rank Well

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August 2019
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