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The airline distribution industry has heard a lot about IATA’s new distribution capability (NDC) — the XML-based data transmission standards it is hoping will replace today’s less flexible standards.

The first set of usable NDC messages went live at the start of September, three years after the project was first mentioned.

Talking of technology partners, an aside at the end of the Wednesday morning session from Yanik Hoyles, director of the NDC programme, was almost lost in the rush for lunch. He said:

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Siga o dinheiro! []

"Se você intervém muito, com medo de resultados negativos de determinados choques, retira a volat ilidade do processo. Assim, evita rupturas que, embora amargas, levariam a uma condição posterior mais eficiente. Aquilo que Schumpeter batizou de destruição criativa."

03:55 PM, 24 Oct 2015 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0) makes the ordinarily painful process of demystifying your financials and planning for your future simpler and more entertaining through gamification. By employing a variety of goal trackers, visual breakdowns for better understanding of your spending habits and budget allocation, and easy-to-interpret charts and graphs outlining your personal financial plan, is helping everyday people plan secure financial futures and get back on track with their financial goals. Would you rather analyze a spreadsheet or use a cool app that creates a colorful display to show you exactly where your money’s going every month – automatically?

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Motoring with microprocessors []

Thanks to the magic of microprocessors and embedded systems, our cars are becoming safer, more efficient, and entertaining.

"I'm drivin' in my car. I turn on the radio." — Bruce Springsteen, "Fire"

By my estimates, the average middle-class American household includes over 40 embedded processors. About half are in the garage. Cars make a great vehicle (sorry) for deploying embedded processors in huge numbers. These processors provide a ready source of power, ventilation, and mounting space and sell in terrific quantities. Besides, they're cool. Better still, automotive processors add sexy high-profile features that car buyers will pay for. Processors provide better profit margins than leather seats, undercoating, or "convenience lighting groups."

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Symantec Vigilante Virus []

This vigilante virus protects you against malware attacks, quotes Richard Stallman

Symantec has discovered malware that infects routers and Internet of Things devices, then cleans out any existing malware and locks the devices down against future attacks.READ MORE

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