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{Hack into French Fluency}

Hey there,

Did you know that French is sometimes just like computer programming?

Hack into your French skills by mastering if-then si clauses and get one step closer to fluency!

Want to put your French skills to the test? Check out the top French level tests for students, teachers, translators and Visa seekers.

Hope you enjoy,

Your FluentU Team
P.S. Do you love language education? Have strong translation and editing skills? You could work for FluentU!

We're currently looking for part-time Portuguese, Chinese and Korean Content Editors as well as English-Korean Content Localizers. Visit those links to learn more and apply.
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As you're enjoying FluentU videos, you can access instant definitions for any words appearing in the captions.

Simply hover over words to see their meanings, along with memorable images, for quick, in-context language learning.

French Learner Memorable Images
What Language Learners Are Saying About FluentU
Philip Testimonial
FluentU is so fun and user friendly. Everything is available to you in one place; the videos, photos, audios, the meaning of the words, pronunciation. You do not need to refer to the dictionary and stop the video every couple of seconds. The only thing you have to do is listen, watch and enjoy.

Omid, FluentU user
The Latest and Greatest Posts from FluentU
The Top French Level Tests for Students, Teachers, Translators and Visa Seekers 

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{Hirsute - plus, 10 Words for the Angry and Upset}

January 16, 2020
hirsute Audio pronunciation
adjective | HER-soot
covered with coarse stiff hairs
Scroll down for more about hirsute

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{=?utf-8?Q?=5BWebinar_Tomorrow=5D_What=E2=80=99s_New_in_NGINX_Plus?= =?utf-8?Q?_R20=3F?=}


NGINX Plus is the only all-in-one software load balancer, API gateway, content cache, and web server. NGINX Plus R20 builds on the enhancements we made to rate limiting and the key‑value store in R19, as well as introducing new PROXY Protocol variables, security improvements for HTTP/2, more supported operating systems, and more. Attend this webinar to learn about all the latest updates to our supported solution for application delivery and monitoring on your infrastructure platform.

Join us in this webinar to learn: 
  • How to get the most from real-time monitoring and logging of rate-limited traffic
  • About recent enhancements to connection limiting
  • How to designate DNS servers for upstream groups
  • About changes that improve HTTP/2 traffic security 
Wednesday, January 22 • 11 AM CET | 10 AM GMT
We hope you can join us! 


Emily Turner 
NGINX, Inc. 
Contact us
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Youtube Logo
Lance's Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 199(Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electron...
Lance's Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 199(Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electron...

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Open Source Summit North America, the premier technical conference for open source developers and community comes early this year - June 22-24, 2020 in Austin, Texas.

Produced by  The Linux Foundation , home to 170 of the most important open source projects in the world, the vendor-neutral event is where open source developers and technologists gather to learn, share and collaborate to drive open source innovation.

Embedded Linux Conference, the leading, vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded and industrial IoT products will once again be held in conjunction with Open Source Summit in 2020.

Interested in speaking? The Call for Proposals closes February 16th! 

We’re looking for content for a range of skill sets across these key areas: 
  • Linux Systems
  • Open Source Databases
  • Embedded Linux (ELC)
  • IoT
  • Open Source Dependability
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud App Developer Experience
  • AI/ML/DL
  • Community & Business Leadership
  • Open Source Program Office Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • And Introductory 101 Courses on Embedded Essentials, Linux Administration and Cloud Administration 
Not looking to speak, but ready to register? Hurry, early registration fees are in effect through March 31.
Applications for diversity and needs-based scholarships are also being accepted. Get information on eligibility and how to apply. Free child care is offered each day of the conference. (Information will be added to the website shortly. RSVP required.)

Linux Foundation members receive an additional 20% discount off current registration pricing. Academic, student, non-profit, community, and group discounts are available as well. Email to request a discount code.




Interested in Sponsoring?

Showcase your thought leadership among a vibrant open source community and connect with top influencers driving today's technology purchasing decisions.

This email was sent by: The Linux Foundation

1 Letterman Dr., Building D
San Francisco, CA, 94129, United States

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Bonjour mes chers étudiants de français,

L'année dernière à cette époque, nous nous apprêtions à partir en Australie. Nous sommes allés une semaine à Melbourne, et puis une semaine à Sydney pendant laquelle nous sommes allés aux Montagnes Bleues.

Last year around the same time we were getting ready to leave for Australia. We spent a week in Melbourne and a week in Sydney, during which we went to the Blue Mountains.

Nos coeurs se serrent en pensant aux destructions causées par le feu,  et nous pensons fort à nos amis australiens. Leyla, Olivier et moi avons adoré notre voyage et nous regardons souvent les photos et vidéos que nous avons prises. 

Our hearts ache when we think about the destructions caused by the fire, and our thoughts are with our Australian friends. Leyla, Olivier and I loved our trip and often watch the pictures and videos that we took.

Nous retournerons très certainement en Australie dans le futur car il y a tellement de choses à voir dans cet immense pays. C'est un tel dépaysement pour nous : j'imagine que c'est également surprenant pour les Australiens de découvrir la faune française, les paysages et l'architecture historique ! 

We will surely return to Australia in the future since there are so many things to see in this large country. It's such a change of scenery for us: I imagine that it is equally surprising for Australians to discover the French fauna, landscapes and historic architecture!

À bientôt.

Camille Chevalier Karfis
Founder of French Today
What Level of French Are You?

Many French students ask me: "what is my French level?", "how can I find out my French level?" and "which one of your French audiobooks should I study with?". I will do my best to answer these questions here.

🎡 Disneyland in Winter

Learn the French amusement park vocabulary and follow immersion teacher Eliane & partner Benjamin for a bilingual practice in magical Disneyland Paris.

Read More

If you would like to talk about the news in French, this vocabulary may be useful to you.

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