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Crie um projeto Android []

Esta lição mostra como criar um novo projeto Android com o Android Studio e descreve alguns dos arquivos do projeto.

  1. Na janela Welcome to Android Studio, clique em Start a new Android Studio project.

    Ou, se tiver um projeto aberto, selecione File > New Project.

  2. Na tela New Project, insira os seguintes valores:
    • Application Name: "My First App"
    • Company Domain: ""

    Talvez você queira alterar o local do projeto, mas mantenha os valores das demais opções.

  3. Clique em Next.
  4. Na tela Target Android Devices, mantenha os valores padrão e clique em Next.
  5. Na tela Add an Activity to Mobile, selecione Empty Activity e clique em Next.
  6. Na tela Configure Activity, mantenha os valores padrão e clique em Finish.

09:14 AM, 10 Aug 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

It was in August, 14th, when I firstly discovered TopTal. I was looking for freelancers, searching for good developers, to finalize my most recent piece of art, the website As not uncommon, I was frustrated with the last experiences hiring people and getting hired too, but not achieving the expected results, from here and there, countries such as: USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, India, New Zeland and so on.

Back two months ago, I found Toptal’s website and I watched the video available at showing the very same scenario described above. Not for a coincidence, the video shows all professionals and interested parts, who suffer whether to hire or to get hired. Both sides struggle at the challenge to find the best match. The entire business chain gets affected with the lack of communication, planing, productivity and quality.  

My background combines a unique blend of System Development, IT Infra Structure, Project Management, Marketing, Relationship Management and Consulting. In my work career I have spanned among start up enterprises, multinational organizations and government. I have theoretical and practical experience, a mixture of entrepreneurialism as well as academic rigor.  I am a great example of how engaged students of Computer Sciences and Engineering can become good professionals in the field of Information Technology Systems. 

"Some professionals are not excited about computers themselves—they are excited about what can be done with computers, and how computation can offer new solutions that help real people in challenging situations".

I could be named as an employee or freelancer, an corporative or cooperative entrepreneur. I could be simply an enthusiastic, a dreamer, with atitude and just a bit of knowledge, but a lot of guts and determination to keep learning, absorbing and sharing knowledge and wisdom, even more now, with TopTal community.

Further on, browsing and reading more content from Total (, the following phrase really caught my attention:  “JOIN A NETWORK WITH DISTINGUISHED INDIVIDUALS FROM…”  and there were the emblems of NASA, Harvard, Princeton, Google, MIT,  CERN and Oxford.  LOL!,  with such a quote and network, It seemed very logical and clear to think that I want to be part of! 

But the best part isn’t even revealed yet. It’s about to come! I believe Toptal is much more, it’s not only a network platform, but also a community and knowledge based portal, where business is just one of many areas that could be explored. Toptal’s core is satisfaction with the guarantee of result with quality.

The fact is that every time I go to I have not only one new good reason but also strong and substantial facts that make myself even more tied with TopTal’s values, principles, best practices and culture. I’m delighted with such enlightening and enthusiastic knowledge base I found and want to be part of.  

Do you know TopTal’s is all about Opensource?  Neither myself until I read this

10:19 PM, 09 Aug 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

Conheça as 8 startups do Acelere[se] []

Sílvio Regis teve a ideia para o EvEx a partir de uma experiência difícil para agendar um evento

EvEx Evento Experience - A ideia para a EvEx Evento Experiente nasceu em 2016, a partir da dissertação de mestrado em Criatividade e Inovação que Silvio Gesteira Regis foi fazer em Londres. De lá mesmo, ao ter o insight para a startup, ele ligou para Iuri Sampaio, que aceitou no ato ser sócio do empreendimento. Em maio do ano passado, um terceiro sócio entrou no negócio, Lucas Pereira. Ambos são amigos de infância de Silvio.

Em setembro de 2016 foi lançado o protótipo e, em agosto do ano passado, a empresa começou a operar no mercado.  A ideia surgiu da experiência negativa que Silvio teve ao tentar organizar um evento corporativo para a empresa onde trabalhava. Para fechar um local para o evento, ele teve de fazer nove visitas.

A partir daí, imaginou um serviço que oferecesse ao cliente todas as informações que ele necessita para organizar qualquer tipo de evento, seja aniversário de criança, casamento, formatura ou empresariais. O EvEx oferece variedade de espaços e serviços, cerimoniais, hotéis, casas de festas, fotógrafos, alimentos e bebidas, som, etc. O cliente pode filtrar por serviço ou por tipo de evento, entre outras funcionalidades. Visite o site:

10:36 AM, 04 Aug 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

Every time you have to make the choice, be pragmatic, consider all your needs and preferences and make your own independent decision! Both are really great technologies and both will probably be applicable to your project.


10:19 AM, 04 Aug 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

If you’re a JavaScript developer, and know a little bit about the current state of JS development, then you’re probably well aware that there seems to be a new JS framework popping up every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many choices and that can make it difficult to actually choose the right tool for the job. This raises a question though, why do we have to settle on one tool?

10:06 AM, 04 Aug 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)


Ele foi concebido com o propósito de integrar a Administração Pública da União, dos Estados e dos Municípios, de forma que você possa ter, num processo único, simplificado, previsível e uniforme, a abertura, as licenças de funcionamento e, se for necessário, a baixa de sua empresa. Neste primeiro momento, o RLE contempla abertura, baixa e licenciamento para empresas do Distrito Federal. Em breve, esses serviços serão expandidos para todo o Brasil.

09:17 PM, 31 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

 As we continue building new features to improve your experience using DigitalOcean, we wanted to announce a major feature that we just released. Projects is a new way to organize your resources (Droplets, Load Balancers, Domains, Floating IPs, and Spaces) in the DigitalOcean Control Panel. 

08:16 PM, 30 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

Check If A Checkbox Is Checked With jQuery

How do you check if a checkbox is checked with jQuery? No, it’s not a tongue-twister! Let’s say you’ve got this input:

<input type="checkbox" name="agree" checked>I agree to stuff

It’ll be checked by default because of the checked attribute. jQuery allows you to check a DOM element’s attribute through the .attr() method e.g.:


So we can just check the checked attribute and that will tell us?

Not exactly. The checked attribute simply tells you whether the checkbox is checked or not by default when the page is rendered. It does not tell you the current state of the checkbox.

// Returns ‘true’ if present on the element, returns undefined if not present

To check the current state of the checkbox you must instead use the checkedproperty. It is dynamically updated as the user checks/unchecks. jQuery allow you to check a property with the .prop() method like so:

// Returns true if checked, false if unchecked.

We go into much more detail and show a live example in the video below.

02:28 PM, 29 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)


After installation, it is sometimes necessary to create a new ext4 file system. For example, if you add a new disk drive to the system, you may want to partition the drive and use the ext4 file system.
The default options are optimal for most usage scenarios but if you need to set your ext4 file system in a specific way, see manual pages for the mke4fs and mkfs.ext4 commands for available options. Also, you may want to examine and modify the configuration file of mke4fs/etc/mke4fs.conf, if you plan to create ext4 file systems more often.
The steps for creating an ext4 file system are as follows:
  1. Format the partition with the ext4 file system using the mkfs.ext4 or mke4fscommand:
    ~]# mkfs.ext4 block_device
    ~]# mke4fs -t ext4 block_device
    where block_device is a partition which will contain the ext4 filesystem you wish to create.
  2. Label the partition using the e4label command.
    ~]# e4label <block_device> new-label
  3. Create a mount point and mount the new file system to that mount point:
    ~]# mkdir /mount/point
    ~]# mount block_device/mount/point
A valid block device could be one of two types of entries:
  • mapped device — A logical volume in a volume group, for example, /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol02.
  • static device — A traditional storage volume, for example, /dev/hdbX , where hdb is a storage device name and X is the partition number.

12:11 PM, 29 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

coachella music festival
Events are ideal for marketing, with thousands of potential consumers gathered in one place, sometimes for days. Whether it’s an industry-specific trade show or the final game of the World Series, brands know that if they can get their name displayed in front of those captive audiences, they can make substantial sales.

But event marketing has gone well beyond logos and banners. Thanks to technology, today’s event sponsors have a wide variety of options available. Savvy brands realize that customers now use technology to create a multifaceted customer experience at events of all types. Enterprises considering ramping up their marketing efforts in the near future can learn from these businesses. Here are a few ways venues are working with brands to reinvent event marketing.

12:43 PM, 22 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

Every wedding season — such as, you know, RIGHT NOW — I think about how I got married young and wish someone had sat me down to tell me a few things about marriage before I took my vows. To be fair I eloped in a (yearlong) blackout, but that’s another story for another day. Needless to say, it didn’t last.

11:31 AM, 22 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)

O reinício das atividades será efetuada com o preenchimento e envio Ficha cadastral da Pessoa Jurídica - FCPJ (evento 413) à RFB, com a utilização do aplicativo Coletor Nacional, disponível no sítio da Receita Federal, menu Orientação - Tributária - Cadastros - CNPJ - Coletor Nacional.

Não havendo pendências, o sistema disponibilizará para impressão o Documento Básico de Entrada no CNPJ (DBE) ou Protocolo de Transmissão, que conterá o número do recibo/número de identificação e informará o endereço da unidade cadastradora para onde o contribuinte deverá encaminhar a documentação necessária.

A formalização da solicitação ocorre com a remessa, por via postal, pela entrega direta ou por outro meio aprovado pela RFB, à unidade cadastradora de jurisdição do estabelecimento (indicada após a conclusão da Pesquisa Prévia), dos seguintes documentos:

a) quando a própria pessoa física responsável perante o CNPJ (ou preposto anteriormente indicado) assinar o DBE ou Protocolo de Transmissão:

- DBE ou do Protocolo de Transmissão;

- Cópia autenticada do documento de identificação do signatário.


Para os contribuintes que utilizarem certificação digital (própria ou por procuração eletrônica) ou senha fornecida pelos Órgãos conveniados, será gerado um Protocolo de Transmissão. O DBE ou o Protocolo ficará disponível para impressão no sítio da RFB, na opção "Consulta da Situação do Pedido de CNPJ enviado pela Internet". Verificar as orientações ao contribuinte impressas no recibo de transmissão.

O reconhecimento de firma da assinatura no DBE é dispensado no caso de solicitação de órgão público, de utilização de convênio com órgão de registro ou quando a assinatura pelo representante legal da pessoa jurídica ocorrer na presença do servidor da RFB. 

08:18 PM, 19 Jul 2018 by Iuri Sampaio Permalink | Comments (0)